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ColdFusion vs. PHP

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Web design is basic thing which plays a very vital role in establishing an online business. There are many types of designing platform on which the websites are created and through that only you can show up your level of working as nowadays generally it is the key feature of your online business success. But there are only two basic platforms on which mostly all the websites are created from years i.e. on PHP and on Cold Fusion. These two platforms are mostly taken up by everyone and they have successfully created attractive websites which attract user more and more. Both of these languages use HTML code, as if we use only HTML code, then it will cannot create dynamic content, cannot connect to the database successfully to perform all the queries, and manipulate files or can’t able to handle all the data alone. These two languages are totally different to each other, but they’re working is same as we can do complete data encryption to edit images by their codes.


PHP is a very big language and in this we can make any sort of websites, especially those who runs on apache server and MySQL database. PHP is a free language and has open source technology in which there is no need of purchasing any licensed software or any other thing, it works simply, while working on PHP we should have a good knowledge of ASP.NET or Java. If we have a command of these two languages than we can easily work on PHP without any problem or any query.

Largest Sites using PHP:


Another huge step for PHP has been the rising popularity of wordpress as not only a blogging platform but as a CMS and ecommerce platform.


Main Advantages of using PHP

  • PHP is an open source language, as we can freely use it anywhere we needed.
  • PHP can easily work on any platform provided to it, without any error or without any this functionality.
  • It can be easily embedded in HTML.
  • It runs faster than any other language on the internet.
  • Interface of this language is easy with any Apache as well as MySQL.
  • Easy to learn comparing to other languages.
  • In this other web designing tools can be easily used,
  • In this it depends on us that how much attractive web design we can make out.

Disadvantages of using PHP

  • Main disadvantage of PHP is its security, as it is an open source language we have to face the problem of bugs in the language.
  • It is not suitable for large applications.
  • At some point in the database, it is a weak language .

Cold Fusion

Cold Fusion is also a very important language to develop a website, but it is basically used by the beginners in this field to develop a web application or web pages. This is very helpful for the beginners as in this language they get a chance to learn big codes and it will be easy for them to learn high level language as it is the basic language. Cold Fusion also uses in Flash frameworks through which we can easily develop a Rich Internet Applications or the websites that contain media portion, this cold fusion has very less code than the PHP as this takes a large storage space as well as bandwidth so developers stop using this and switched to PHP.

Advantage of Cold Fusion

  • Installation of this language is simple.
  • Supports all types of platforms.
  • Supports all databases
  • Easy in learning
  • Works on Flash as well as integrated version of this language is used with PDF.

Disadvantages of Cold Fusion

  • This is very expensive language
  • Very tricky syntaxes
  • Less prestige given by developers as it is a toy language
  • Very less pre written scripts is available
  • Long bugs

If we compare both the languages PHP and ColdFusion than most of the developers prefer Cold fusion as their web designing language because:

  • In that there is less code
  • It is presented in a cleaner form
  • Can be easily integrated with PDF as well as Flash
  • It is a tag based language
  • Easily executes program in batch files on the server
  • It can be easily retrieved from any point
  • It provides session management

By knowing all these features, mostly all developers choose this language as to design a website or web application, it they have to choose between PHP or Cold Fusion. As developers find cold fusion much easier than PHP, so they opt that language for wed designing.